11 creative reasons that will help you clean your office

Did you know that a clean workplace boosts employee productivity? A squeaky clean and uncluttered office helps employees focus on their work, making them more productive. An organized work environment also reflects the professionalism of employees and employers and is vital for business success.

Even though offices are cleaned on a daily basis, certain places remain unclean due to the negligence of office cleaners. Since employers have their own obligations and duties to tend to, it can be pretty tough for them to oversee the cleaning aspect of the workplace. This reason is good enough to hire Esenzy Clean

If you are still not convinced, here are 11 reasons as to why you should hire a professional cleaning service for your business.

1. Let us work for you

Perhaps, the most obvious benefit that a professional cleaning company provides, is an office sufficiently clean Conducting specialized cleaning tasks alongside daily cleaning duties can cause the moral of office cleaners to decrease, causing them to skim through their duties.

Let your office cleaners do what they do best and leave the elaborate cleaning of your office up to professionals. Amongst other things, it’s important to maintain workplace hygiene. Dust particles can build up over time and cause a variety of respiratory diseases. Cleaning professionals will thoroughly clean everything to ensure that your workplace is healthy and sanitized.

2. Expertise

You must do more than sweep and mop to keep your office clean. Your workplace requires a deep cleaning at least once a month. The Esenzy Clean team is well trained and experienced in dusting, cleaning and sanitizing.

Not only are they aware of what they are supposed to do to ensure a squeaky clean work environment, but they are also well equipped to do it. One of the biggest benefits of hiring Esenzy Clean is that a supervisor will assess the current state of your office at least once a month.

3.  Reliability

Every office has some private and confidential documents that have to be kept protected. Professional cleaning companies are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement that includes confidentiality clauses and other requirements. This contract is binding, ensuring that the information and details of your business remain secure. A reliable cleaning service will ensure confidentiality and will do everything in its power to protect client documents.

4. Customized Solutions

Professional cleaning companies adjust effectively to a workplace while offering highly customized solutions to improve the work environment. They aim at making an office as comfortable as possible to work in.

Regardless of whether you have a small or a large office, they effectively cater to all your cleaning needs. You can also create a checklist containing all the places and things you want taken care of. Not only will they follow your provided checklist, but they’ll also inform you about the cleaning methods and products that were used to do so.

5. Budget-Friendly

Contrary to popular opinion, cleaning companies are reasonable and economical. Not only do they provide high-quality services, but they also have the latest cleaning equipment. Hiring regular cleaning workers means that you’ll have to provide them with cleaning equipment and items by yourself which will cost you a lot.

Moreover, professional cleaning companies usually have special deals and offers that you can avail, making it more budget-friendly. Also, if you sign long-term contracts with such companies, it will lower down your overall cost considerably.

6. Improved Employee Morale and Concentration

You can expect your employees to keep their personal workspaces clean, but you can’t hold them responsible for cleaning the workplace. With their busy schedules, employees cannot always declutter their worktables or clean up the dust and dirt. Moreover, a dirty and messy office can mess with employee concentration and deplete their overall morale.

Cleaning companies ensure that employee worktables remain clean while trying to create a more eco-friendly environment. A spick and span workplace also helps employees with anxiety or stress issues, improving their concentration levels. A professionally-cleaned environment will ensure that you’re employees are motivated – even on a Monday!

7. Onsite Supervision

Regular office cleaners generally don’t have much accountability. They conduct their daily tasks and duties without any guidance. This gives them the leverage and space to bail out and skip on many essential tasks and duties.

Office cleaning companies, on the other hand, send a crew of cleaners led by at least one supervisor. It’s the responsibility of the supervisor to direct and lead the team of cleaners, ensuring that everything is done perfectly. The manager or supervisor is liable to address any problems or issues you might have, giving you peace of mind.

8. Consistency

If one or more of your cleaning personnel aren’t able to make it to work, your office can get pretty messy. A great benefit of hiring a cleaning company is that they make sure that your office remains neat, tidy and organized consistently.

9. Improves Company Image

A pristine office not only has a positive impact on your employees, but it also makes a good impression on visitors. A clean workplace forms the base for a good image of your company in front of your customers and other important clients.

10. Flexibility

Regular office cleaning during work hours can cause considerable disturbance and distraction. Office cleaning companies visit your workplace according to a time that suits you best. There’s no fixed timing as they work according to your requirements. This ensures there are minimal interruptions or hindrances during work.

11. Scent Marketing

A creative cleaning company understands the benefit of scent marketing and the importance of pleasant scents in the work environment. Besides cleaning your office, a commercial cleaning company will leave behind a pleasant smell that your employees can associate with the workplace. Scent marketing in the workplace is an amazing technique that can be used to enhance the overall environment of a workplace and boost employee productivity.

Since employees spend at least half of their day at work, it’s essential to create a clean and favorable work environment. Hiring a commercial office cleaning service has countless benefits, the most obvious one being an immaculate and spotless workplace for your employees to operate effectively.

If you’re looking for the best cleaning company out there that also understands scent marketing and the science of smell, contact Esenzy Clean. We are here to meet all your office cleaning needs!