How Pleasant Scents Can Benefit Your Workplace and Business

If you've ever worked in an office, you are probably aware of how stressful it can be.
A stressed employee is more likely to do the job poorly, as he could be unmotivated.
However, there are several ways to ensure that the people around you stay happy and productive. Read this article to learn more about how scents can help you create a healthier workplace.

scents aromaticBetter Mood

Scents have a direct impact on workplace productivity. This is the reason why marketing and scent therapy have become more common.
According to research, a pleasant scent can improve the mood of the people around you by 40%, which can increase employee satisfaction and improve performance. According to other research, if a room smells good, there is a greater chance that people will spend more time in it. It's no secret that a happy employee will work harder and do a better job than an unhappy or dissatisfied employee.

It Has Healing Properties

In addition to improving your mood, aromatherapy is known to have healing properties that can have a major impact on your physical and mental state, as well as that of your employees.
Some scents are known as stress busters.

Scent marketing is known to improve mood.
A good scent will allow an employee to focus, saving time and improving performance. Scents can have different results; for example, a lemon scent can help you focus better, while a lavender scent can increase your speed.

It Enhances Creativity

Unpleasant odors can affect your mood and productivity.
People who are exposed to pleasant scents when solving a problem are more creative and quicker to find a solution compared to people who are not. That's why making sure every room in your workplace smells good is vital. Esenzy Clean can help you with that.

It Keeps the Environment Clean

pleasant scents have disinfectant properties, as they have antiviral and antibacterial properties. A clean environment means your employees will be motivated to work and less stressed.


It Increases Sales

Scents help increase sales and enhance your brand identity. A scent will always make a place more attractive, for your employees

scent marketing
scent marketing

and for your customers. A pleasant aroma can increase the customer experience and satisfaction, as it conveys a positive experience.

Different Types of Scents for Your Workplace

There are various scents you can use in your office that will help your employees focus and be productive. Here are a few:


Rosemary is known to control the levels in the bloodstream and has a direct effect on stress. If you want your employees to stop feeling stressed, it is a good idea to introduce rosemary scents. This scent can stimulate the mind, improve your memory and even help your body relieve muscle ache and headaches.


One of the most common workplace scents is lemon. The citrus found in lemon can help you focus and make quick decisions. Besides that, it can also help your body relieve anger and tension, which will allow you to work better and faster. Lemon scent can also help you focus better, which means you will make minimal errors when surrounded by this smell.

Lemon is also beneficial since it has anti-bacterial properties, which will help fight sore throats and colds that may be common in the office. This scent will also make you feel more refreshed and energized just by being around it.


Another scent that is good to combat high stress in the workplace is lavender. Lavender is known to have calming properties and can soothe your nerves in no time. It also reduces tension in your body and relaxes your muscles. Lavender is a great option for highly stressful work situations since it will help ease the mind and body.


While scent marketing in retail settings has proven to increase sales and customer satisfaction, people have started understanding the importance of pleasant scents in the work environment. If you want to use the science of smell to take your business to the next level, then employ the best cleaning company in town— Esenzy Clean. We understand the importance of scent marketing and its impact on human behavior, which is why besides cleaning your office efficiently, we also make sure to leave behind a pleasant smell that your employees can associate with your workplace.

March 23, 2013

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