Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in the springtime. The practice of  is especially prevalent in climates with a cold winter. In many cultures, annual cleaning occurs at the end of the year. Which may be in spring or winter, depending on the calendar.

The term is also used metaphorically for any kind of heavy duty cleaning or organizing enterprise. A person who gets their affairs in order before an audit or inspection could be said to be doing some spring cleaning.

It's true!

We didn’t just make it up. Spring cleaning makes you smarter. Researchers  from Princeton University’s Neuroscience Institute conducted a study that showed how clutter restricts your ability to focus and limits your brain’s ability to process information. Here’s what they found.

“Multiple stimuli present in the visual field at the same time compete for neural representation by mutually suppressing their evoked activity throughout visual cortex, providing a neural correlate for the limited processing capacity of the visual system.”

In other words: when your environment is cluttered. You become distracted and can’t focus in the way that you could in a serene, organized space. Therefore, a spring clean makes you smarter!

To help you

Put this into practice. We asked some of our top professionals on the Esenzy Clean  for their killer spring cleaning tips to get you in the mood to clear out and keep that clutter at bay.

1-Get organized.
2-Ventilated all rooms.
3- Following Feng Shui.
4-Clean with natural products.
5-Painted walls.
6-Dress the spring room.
7-Put cooler rugs.

Is synonymous with renewal. According to feng shui, a clean home or business means pure and clean energy, and this type of energy is necessary to maintain happiness, health and good vibrations.


Consider a renewal first. So trust this environment with all the excitement to bring you back. This is the time to take some time for yourself, for yours. To have pleasant projects that make you want to move forward and evolve while staying calm. So, ready for this big spring cleaning?

Don't forget under the bed

It’s time to get smart, folks! Get set for your spring cleaning efforts (and of course, if you really want to be smart about your spring cleaning, have Esenzy Clean take care of it for you!)

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