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The Power of Flowers.

Feel like your workplace isn't giving employees the much-needed boost of positivity and inspiration? Flowers have a positive impact on our employees, because they absorb bad energy. Esenzy provides this service to you. Make your space the best place to work.

While there is nothing better than an office full of hardworking people, the workplace can be stressful at times. These days, employers try all sorts of things and offer perks to keep their employees positive and productive.

When it comes to boosting an employee’s morale, never underestimate the power of flowers! Flowers not only add to the aesthetics of your workplace, but they also influence employees’ mood, productivity, and health.

If you are not convinced, you should read through all these reasons why you need flowers in your office and then decide for yourself.

flower1.   Easy Way to Decorate Your Office

Flowers offer a variety of options to decorate your office. From incorporating seasonal flowers to holiday-themed bouquets during the winter season and daisies in summer, the options are endless. Flowers make up for lovely and inexpensive alternatives to art.

Moreover, they are a cost-effective way to revamp your workplaces without involving lots of work or compromising on time.

A bouquet of colorful and sweet-smelling flowers can quickly spruce up an otherwise neutral room and make it appear brighter and more cheerful. They can also make stunning centerpieces in the meeting rooms. Flowering plants can be added to corridors, break rooms and office halls. Some of the best low maintenance flowering plants include African violet, clivia, begonias, and peace lilies.

Sustainability is also not much of an issue as fresh flowers can last for nearly a week when kept indoors and taken care of and watered regularly. Moreover, they can fit whatever office design you have in mind- from modern to classic to minimalistic.

2.   Flowers Improve Employee Productivity

Flowers not only look great and smell amazing, but their benefits go beyond that. Scientific research has shown that flowers can genuinely boost your mood, increasing happiness and reducing feelings of anxiety and stress. This improves employees’ ability to work better, think more creatively and innovatively, generate better ideas and solutions, and feel more relaxed at their jobs.

One study carried out in the US found out that workers were able to generate 30% more creative ideas in an office decorated with flowers as compared to a dull-looking workplace.

If the workplace environment is decorated with fresh flowers, employees do not feel mentally stressed and they look forward to coming to work every day. The atmosphere at work becomes much more calm and comfortable.

3.   Flowers Can Improve Memory and Concentration

Even though scientists are not exactly sure about how this works in the brain, but certain flower scents are really powerful in promoting memory enhancement and concentration. The best way to utilize this quality of flowers is to use them in your workspaces.

With flowers in the office, employees can stay more focused and keep in mind what needs to be done. This again helps in boosting employee performance and workplace productivity.

4.   Flowers Encourage a Calm Working Atmospherefloral ornament

A usual day at work can be filled with meetings, deadlines and lots of public interaction. The hectic routines can easily leave your employees feeling drained. Flowers show a lot of potentials here as well.

Several flowers produce wonderful scents that trigger feelings of calmness and peace. Just nu breathing in the delightful fragrance of flowers, employees can unwind and get relief from the anxieties surrounding a chaotic workday. Freesia, roses, hyacinth, jasmine, sweet autumn clematis, lily of the valley, etc., are some of the best fragrant flowers.

5.   Flowers Help Maintain a Healthier Environment at Work

When your employees are less stressed and happier at work they will also tend to be healthy. Not just that, many flowering plants absorb environmental toxins from the air such as dirt, debris, chemicals, mold, bacteria, and carbon dioxide. This means your employees will get to spend a major portion of their day in a clean and healthy environment.

Therefore, having flowers in your offices will reduce employees’ sick days and will help maintain good health for your employees.


6.   Flowers Make Your Office Look More Attractive

Fresh indoor flowers and plants sitting around the workspace add a bright, refreshing and colorful vibe to your office. As soon as people walk inside the building, their mood is lifted and they enjoy being there. This is not only true for your employees but also for your clients, partners, and any other visitors.

This can increase people’s confidence in your brand and also the chances of them buying your products or services go up. The best locations where you should use fresh floral arrangements or plants for maximum positive impact on visitors include the reception area, lobby, waiting for lounges and meeting rooms.


If you don’t have any flower pots in your office, you should consider adding a few then. You can easily find the right flowers and decoration ideas that can suit your company’s image and give you’re a more impressive looking office.

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