The weather is finally starting to warm up again and we all know what that means- the glorious season of Spring cleaning. Ok!, so maybe it’s not our absolute favorite part of Spring. (I am SO ready to ditch my winter coat and go shopping.) But Esenzy Clean is here to help make it easier.

So here’s a fun idea to conquer that huge to-do list of things that need to be scrubbed and polished in half the time and twice the fun. Host a Spring cleaning party!

Invite over your girlfriends. Mix up some cocktails. (Which you can find some delicious, low-cal recipes for here.) Break out the hors d’oeuvres turn up the music, and get cleaning. By de-cluttering with your friends the work will go much faster, plus it’s a great excuse to have some much-needed girl time. And a great bonus? Your friends will have great ideas that you never even thought of for organizing your home and beautifying it for the warmer months ahead. Just make sure you return the favor, or even better- gift them a Esenzy Clean cleaning with our Spring discount package, and have that girl’s day out you’ve been meaning to do!

aromasPants and Flowers

Plants and flowers add a unique touch, whether they are dry, fresh, artificial or natural, the truth is that when spring arrives, nothing can be more appealing than decorating our home or business with flowers. For example: even using an antique watering can with fresh flowers can add a whimsical vintage look to your spring décor.

Lively and colorful, they brighten up any corner. Light up your spirit this spring!

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