Good energy!

A good aroma in the office helps us concentrate and allows us to be more productive. A fresh environment generates a positive and good energy. Our team uses HVAC systems a modern way to make our environment more harmonious.
To begin, check the general appearance of your office, such as lighting, colors, the lighter and brighter our space is, the better energy we will obtain.

New ideas

The workplace is one of the places where, inside or outside. We spend a large part of our time. In it our body and mind spend a great deal of energy trying to resolve the conflicts that are generated day by day. But also new ideas are generated to undertake a project that makes us happy and motivates us.

Choice good energy

For this reason, many people, their workplace is "sacred." To enhance all the activities you do in it, you can learn to harmonize it and attract positive energy. Depending on the activity you do in your workplace. It is preferable that you choose a green hue, if you want to inspire your creativity; blue, if you want to bring serenity and calm; or gray, if you want to achieve a formal and sophisticated space.


Try to add the soft music that you like best to your workspace. This will increase your concentration and motivation.

The entrance

The entrance is one of the most important areas, so it must be well lit, clean and clear, without objects that obstruct the door.
Elements such as crystals, water or minerals increase the flow of energy in the environment. The same happens with plants that, in addition, will help you purify the space.


The photos on the desk can also be a decorative object that we can have close. Since they will awaken feelings of love and tenderness.

It is also recommended that decorative objects are always placed in pairs.
Now you are ready for the next step, which is to aromatize your workplace so that it is a space full of good vibes. Then I explain how.

HVAC systems

HVAC systems are a must in today's offices. Not only do they maintain a controlled temperature within the office. But they also provide employees with a cleaner and safer work environment. So that the efficiency of their workplace is not affected.

Just like all other fields are experiencing rapid and constant innovations. The HVAC industry has also been one step ahead when it comes to indoor environment control. It is no longer just about temperature, humidity and ventilation. You now have the option of choosing HVAC systems that are equipped with specialized diffuser systems and scent oils. That can disperse pleasant scents in your offices and homes.



The energies in your workplace

Why is it important that we predict good energy in our workplace?
“Our workplace is in most cases, the place where we spend the most time of our day, therefore, harmonizing this space with our own energy makes us feel more comfortable, we even have better health and let us work much better at work, without experiencing high levels of stress and fatigue ”, explained the expert Telles.
Thus, through studies of the spaces, the energies of the office can be aligned with those of the employees and in this way, achieve more harmony.

Boss's office

Like the other considerations, it is important that you create a more informal means of communication that allows them to get information easier.
For this it is recommended:
Have a meeting table with a circular shape that allows equality to all the people who occupy it. This will open communication channels on a more personal level and this will facilitate relationships between everyone.
If, on the other hand, it is necessary to establish who is in power, sitting at the end of a rectangular table allows energy to be focused towards the end where the person with the greatest power in the organization is.
It is important to know the energy of the space where you work in a more specific way, and in this case, advice from a Feng Shui expert would be ideal to establish the energy pattern that is expressed in the place and how it reacts on the worker.
Many times the energy of the office does not go well with the activity that is carried out, nor with the personal energy of being. In these cases, it is preferable to harmonize to create balance so that this results in the productivity and growth of the worker in their work environment.

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