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Post-construction clean-up

A renovation or a post-construction job done can be pretty exciting. However, construction jobs demand considerable time, resources and manpower. It’s also important to remember that the job isn’t complete once the building is.

Post-construction clean up is a pivotal part of any construction job.  Even if it may sound pretty basic, it’s not as easy as cleaning up an office or a house. After all the work is complete, you’ll usually find dust and debris left behind. Lucky for you, there are post-construction cleaning services that help you wind and clean up the mess once your building is ready! One of these services is offered by the Esenzy Clean company, which takes care of the professional completion of the job.

Here are a few reasons why hiring a service for post-construction cleaning is vital and essential.

Post-construction cleaning1- To Maintain the Efficiency of a Construction Job

While the construction crew focuses on other pivotal tasks, the cleaning crew can focus on what they do best – winding up, because this will ensure that both the parties efficiently do what they are good at doing.

Post-construction cleaning requires trained experts mainly due to the tasks and materials involved.

It would be a great idea to allow the cleaning crew to dispose of any debris or dust after the construction workers are done with their day’s work.

2-  Save 

It's hard to clean up a post-construction mess because there's so much to undo. Outsourcing post-construction cleaning will save you time and money.

Once construction is complete, it can be difficult to get your team involved. Not only is there a chance that your morale will drop, but you will also have to pay for your extended work hours.

 Construction workers can do a poor job of not cleaning the space as it should be. In this case, hiring a professional cleaning company would be the best option.
They complete the process quickly and efficiently, they also have the right tools and equipment to do it.

3- Inside- Outside

After construction, dust often collects on fixtures, making them look dirty. A post-construction cleaning service can help you sweep, wash, and clean all interior and exterior fixtures, such as doors and windows.


4- Guarantee

In addition to post-construction clutter, there will be other hazardous materials, chemicals, substances, nails, cables, and even glass that are generally found scattered throughout the post-construction area.
Professionals will make sure debris is removed properly and safely.

5-  Scent Marketing

We are sure that by now you are familiar with the concept of scent marketing— the practice of using a pleasing fragrance to enhance a company’s overall image.

This form of marketing is used by businesses all around the world to attract customers and increase sales. Scent marketing helps determine the amount of time people will spend in your office, building, store, etc.

This concept of scent marketing is also being applied to workplaces so that employees can associate a positive, distinct scent with their workplace, which helps with increase in morale and employee productivity.

Considering the benefits of scent marketing

Considering the benefits of scent marketing, it makes sense to apply the science of smell to post construction sites. There’s a peculiar smell that remains within a structure post-construction. This scent can be displeasing and can ruin the time and money spent on a remodeling or new construction site.

A post construction cleaning service can help you turn this around. A professional cleaning service will not just clean the area, removing all the dust, debris, materials and chemicals, but it will also leave behind a pleasant scent that will eventually be associated with your new site.

When hiring a company specialized in this matter, it is necessary to make sure that the contractor makes one or more previous visits and technical analyzes, evaluating the state of the facilities to be intervened and the customer's expectations, so that the most efficient products and machinery are determined. for every purpose.

Also specialized personnel, who guarantee not only a good job, but also the protection of the environment and the control of risks.

cleaning post construction


Labor costs vary tremendously depending on the scope of the project, how much you want cleaned, and the state of the area to be cleaned. The average cost per hour for this service is $25 per worker, with many projects taking a minimum of 8 hours to complete and a minimum of 2 workers. Some areas are also charged an additional fee per area or per square foot, such as an extra “fluff” clean, which consists of a final walk-through and staging of the home. Specialty cleans range from $0.06 to $0.50 a square foot. This is in addition to the base hourly fee. A home remodel, which requires 2 workers and 8 hours and includes windows both inside and out, costs around $550.

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Waxing and Buffing Wood Floors

If you have existing wood floors, sometimes renovations or construction can scuff or scratch them. Some construction cleanup services will also wax and buff the floors for an additional charge of $0.50 a square foot, plus the hourly rate.


Windows are often treated as a separate charge from the standard clean. New windows frequently have stickers, residue, and fingerprints that need to be cleaned. This cost is around $7 per window on average.

Touch-up Clean

Some services offer a touch-up clean, which takes place roughly a week after the initial clean. In this case, they take care of any dust that settled after the first clean as well as any missed smudges or other minor issues. This typically costs around $0.20 per square foot.


November 16, 2020

My dad is planning to have his home remodeled this coming month, which is why he’s also looking for a post-construction cleaning service that will be able to tidy up the place after the construction. Thank you for also sharing here that this type of service will offer a quick and efficient process. We also share the same opinion that it would be difficult to get rid of the other hazardous materials.

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