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Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is an important aspect, as it is where we spend most of our time. Cleaning companies such as Esenzy Clean, guarantee you a scheduled cleaning, once your office has acquired a hygienic and healthy environment, you will begin to appreciate the idea of having hired us.

When we are faced with office cleaning we not only have to clean the floor and the dirt that is seen. It is necessary to clean the furniture well and make sure that we remove the dust well, on the other hand we must use the products according to the type of

Commercial Cleaning Service
Commercial Cleaning Service

material that were manufactured, to guarantee a better service.

Office owners

It is an essential task when creating an optimal work environment, because a clean and tidy office favors efficient employee performance.

Office owners, for the most part, are aware of the need to keep their facilities in perfect condition, so in one way or another they solve this need, either with a staff hired directly or by delegating this service to one of the many companies in Professional cleaner.


Hiring professional cleaners for retail
Hiring professional cleaners for retail


To carry out this task, you must use microfiber cloths moistened with the most suitable cleaning product, depending on the characteristics of each surface.

Did you know? Large amounts of cosmic dust exist in space, where gas and dust clouds are the main precursors to planetary systems.

Decorative objects

Cleaning and care of decorative objects, such as lamps, paintings, figures, etc. You must always follow the customer's instructions as there may be pieces of special value.

By putting ourselves in the hands of professionals. We will have the advantage of being able to concentrate on our commercial activity without having to worry about cleaning.  Since this responsibility will remain with Esenzy Clean.
As a cleaning company, this team will be in charge of planning which cleaning tasks will be carried out on a regular basis. Other advantages are that they have the specific chemical products and the knowledge to know which techniques to apply in each case.

Hygiene curiosities

1 in 4 people do not wash their hands after using the toilet.

1 in 2 office workers say that a toilet without hand soap is unhygienic.

Wet hands spread 1,000 times more bacteria than dry hands.

In 2013, the Australian economy lost more than $ 11 billion due to poor office hygiene.

80% of office workers in the UK go to work even with feverish symptoms.

Pulling the cistern generates an invisible cloud of tiny water droplets, which can contain microorganisms associated with urine and fecal matter that can spread for a distance of 10 meters.

After the cistern is flushed, more than 1 million bacteria remain in the environment until the next time the cistern is flushed.

50% of office workers say that concerns about toilet hygiene affect their productivity.

3 out of 4 office workers say that poor hygiene shows that their employer doesn't care about them.

4 out of 5 people in Australia think that bad smell in the toilet makes it seem less hygienic.

Bacteria can stay alive on hands for up to 3 hours.

80% of infections are spread through hand contact.

An adult can inhale an average of 5,000 to 50,000 microorganisms each day. Imagine if some of them contained flu viruses.

97% of office workers have ever worried about urine residue on a previous visitor's toilet seat.

Habits that can help reduce dust

Reduce your belongings

Do you really need so many souvenirs, photos and more on your desktop? The more things you have, the more difficult it will be to reduce dust. As beautiful as they look, those belongings are one more place for dust to collect. It is better to have a minimalist space so that cleaning is easier.

Take a few minutes every day to clean your desk

We are not talking about deep cleaning every five minutes. However, consider the following: if you have a downtime or are tired ofoffice cleaning the computer, one way to give yourself a break is to tidy up your desk. This won't take more than two minutes and will remove any dust that has already built up.

Change the air filters

If you have air conditioning in your office, it is very important to change the filters every six months. This ensures that no more dust is dispersed in hot weather when you use the air conditioner.

Decorate with plants

We have already discussed the benefits of having a plant in the office. Plants are also helpful in reducing dust. A well-cared for plant can help purify the air around it. This way, you don't breathe as much dusty air.

offices cleaningGeneral maintenance cleaning

A good work plan for an office would be:
1. Collection of remains scattered around the surface (empty boxes or materials left over from the activity).
2. Emptying and cleaning of bins.
3. Mopping or wet sweeping.
4. Dusting of furniture. A frequency can be carried out in order to clean all the existing furniture.
5. Cleaning and disinfection of toilets.
6. Floor cleaning depending on the surface (scrubbing, vacuuming).
7. Cleaning of cleaning and storage tools in the reserved area.

All these tasks will always be indicated by the client's needs and will be included in the proposal made and accepted. In this proposal the frequencies of each task must be clear; otherwise, it will be difficult to perform a good service.

With the choice of suitable chemical products, machines and tools, and with a good practice of cleaning techniques, the service that we will offer to our client will be "Excellent".

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