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There are a large number of psychological studies that show that both performance and concentration improve when we are in harmonious and clean environments.
Hiring the cleaning services of Esenzy Clean will be a great benefit and will save the company time.
Work in offices, building, restaurants among others; It is something that requires a lot of time, which is why more and more people are choosing to hire a cleaning company.
It is a good option to hire the Esenzy Clean equipment, in this way a more professional hygiene can be achieved.
When the companies delegate cleaning tasks to office staff, office workers don't want to clean the bathroom, empty the trash, dust themselves off, etc.
Let your workers do what they do best and leave the cleaning up to Esenzy Clean.
It is important that companies hire cleaning services that have been proven to be reliable and provide comprehensive cleaning services.



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commercial cleaning services,

1- Esenzy Clean has professional personnel who handle special techniques that ensure deep cleaning of the spaces.

2- Esenzy Clean adapts to the needs of each contractor, as well as their working hours and ecological policies.

3- Esenzy Clean  is an innovative company based in South Florida with a specialized service of Cleaning, Floral Ornament and Scent Marketing bringing wellness to your business. Our Process it's designed to bring pleasure and performance into your environment whether it is for personal or business purposes. Studies show that a pleasant environment company and with the right scent can Improve sales, performance and long-lasting positive results.

4- Esenzy Clean offers competitive prices, this is due to the high volume of customers.

5- Esenzy Clean makes sure your space is clean and tidy. Thanks to the accumulated experience and the preparation and evaluation of the staff.



What aspects do we take care of?

There are several aspects that must be taken into account for a correct cleaning. The main thing is the periodicity, it can be daily, weekly, monthly depending on the volume of clients that your company receives.

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8 Aspects to take care of

1- Ventilation of the rooms.
The ideal would be to be able to start with the ventilation of the facilities, to renew the existing air. This step cannot always be done, since sometimes, while cleaning is carried out, the employees are at their work place and the conditions are not always in place to open the windows.
2- Removal of residues and waste.
First of all, remove the accumulated waste, and take care of removing it from the facilities. This is very important if organic residues that generate odor are kept in the facilities. When removing them as soon as the task begins, we will ensure that the possible aromas are fenced off with ventilation.
3- Dust removal.
This includes both manual cleaning of dust from surfaces and furniture and cleaning with floor vacuums.
4- Cleaning of all surfaces.
It includes the walls, the moldings and other elements such as cables, strips, electrical connections ...
5- Disinfection of equipment.
As there are many people in the same place, it is convenient to disinfect the devices to avoid infections of any kind. This includes phones, mice, keyboards, and other technologies that can harbor bacteria on its surface.
6- Vacuuming of carpets.
Even though they are vacuum cleaned, they do need extensive cleaning from time to time to prevent fouling.
7-Disinfection of sensitive rooms.
There are especially sensitive spaces that require deep cleaning and with the right products; They are rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, or coffee shops, where bacteria and sources of infection can proliferate faster than in other places. Specific products are necessary to ensure proper disinfection.
8- Window cleaning.


  • Janitorial Facilities Service
  • Day Porter
  • Government building
  • Hospital Building
  • Cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Post construction Cleaning-up
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Move in - Move Out Cleaning.
  • Special Event Clean-ups.
  • Bank Facilities.
  • Pressure Washing.
  • Light Maintenance
  • HVAC Filter Changes
  • And More...
From all this we have seen, we can get an idea of the great importance of a cleaning company, in order to increase business productivity, performance and to minimize other negative aspects such as absenteeism from work.