How to decorate with flowers this spring?

Pants and Flowers

Plants and flowers add a unique touch, whether they are dry, fresh, artificial or natural, the truth is that when spring arrives, nothing can be more appealing than decorating our home or business with flowers. For example: even using an antique watering can with fresh flowers can add a whimsical vintage look to your spring décor.

Lively and colorful, they brighten up any corner. Light up your spirit this spring!

How to decorate with flowers this spring?


Yes, you can have a fig tree, they are such an easy way to add color and life (literally) to a space without going overboard, and they are one of the most sophisticated looking houseplants, put a fruit fig tree in a pot and let it live in the living room or dining room - it is a decoration idea for photos.
It is a tropical plant, relatively easy to find in nurseries and florists. It is a species that does not require more care beyond the basics.
It must be located in a very bright place. The risks must be moderate. Add water only when you notice that the substrate is dry. To fertilize it, use a liquid fertilizer diluted in irrigation water and special for planting vegetables.

Plants to put in your living room


Plants Tips.

According to an investigation by Texas A&M,
"Being around them helps people focus better at home and in the workplace."
They help with breathing, deter disease, increase concentration, memory and productivity. And if those health spots aren't on your list of spring design resolutions, they should be.

Consider these tips:

Decorate with orchids, succulents and bromeliads, these lovely housemates absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making them the perfect companions to maintain the soothing flow of oxygen.
Make friends with bamboo, who won't mind if you leave early and work late; just keep them in the water and you will benefit from soothing shades of green bamboo for years to come.
Hang a spider plant in an unused vertical space, which is an ideal design tip, to minimize flat surfaces.

Choose plants that keep things fresh and healthy


Purifying indoor plants
How to decorate with flowers this spring?


Without a doubt, a flower arrangement is one of the easiest resources that we can use to add a touch of color to our home without having to change the furniture, textiles or other elements, because the change of season forces us to make some modifications to the choice we make when decorating. On the other hand, when the good weather arrives, they will have to change the tones of our favorite flowers to the aromas that will set our rooms. The goal is to present the most vibrant and colorful species.


What can we say about the flowers? Because they are the main protagonists at this time, their smell, color and naturalness embellish our space because they add a unique style and inspire positive reactions. But we can also choose the ones that do not have flowers. The idea is to get a new and lively air to enjoy our favorite season of the year in our homes.

A shelf with strategically placed plants creates the feel of a fun design, even in functional spaces like a tableware storage rack or even a pantry will provide plenty of inspiration.

12 flowers to decorate.


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